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pen pencil pencil-case ruler book bag comic book post card newspaper schoolbag eraser crayon sharpener story-book notebook magazine

二.人体部位(parts of our body)

foot head face hair nose mouth eye ear arm finger leg tail

三.动物植物(animals and plants)

flower grass tree seed sprout plant leaf

cat dog pig duck rabbit horse elephant ant kangaroo monkey fish bird panda bear lion tiger sheep goat cow donkey

四.人物与职业(people and jobs)

friend boy girl mother father sister brother uncle man woman Mr. Miss lady mom mother dad father parents

grandparents grandpa grandma aunt cousin son classmate principal university student pen pal people

teacher student doctor nurse driver farmer singer writer actor actress artist TV reporter engineer

accountant policeman salesperson cleaner baseball player assistant policeman


red blue yellow green white black pink purple orange brown

六.食品水果,蔬菜(food and vegetables)

rice bread beef milk water egg fish tofu cake hot dog hamburger noodles meat

chicken pork mutton vegetable soup ice-cream Coke juice tea coffee (breakfast lunch dinner)

apple banana pear orange watermelon grape eggplant green beans tomato potato peach cucumber strawberry onion carrot cabbage


jacket shirt T-shirt skirt dress jeans pants socks shoes sweater coat shorts sneakers slippers sandals boots hat

八.交通工具(means of transportation)

bike bus train boat ship car taxi yacht taxi jeep van plane subway motor cycle


window door desk chair computer board fan light teacher's desk picture wall floor curtain trash bin closet mirror end table

football present lamp phone sofa shelf fridge table air-conditioner photo plate knife fork spoon ball kite box violin e-card e-mail traffic light money medicine


home room bedroom bathroom living room kitchen classroom school park library post office hospital cinema bookstore

farm zoo garden study playground canteen teacher's office gym washroom art room company factory fruit stand pet shop nature park theme park bank village city


China/PRC America/USA England Canada/CAN


cold warm cool snowy sunny hot rainy windy cloudy weather reporter


river lake stream forest path road house bridge building rain cloud sun mountain sky


day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday weekend

month January February March April May June July August September October November December year

spring summer fall(autumn) winter


south north east west left right


have a fever hurt have a cold have toothache have a headache have a sore throat


One two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen

twenty thirty forty fifty sixty seventy eighty ninety first second third fourth fifth eighth ninth twelfth twentieth

十八.词性分类( part of speech)


big small long tall short young old strong thin active quiet nice kind strict smart funny tasty sweet salty sour fresh favorite

clean tired excited angry happy bored sad fine great heavy new fat happy right little lovely beautiful colorful pretty cheap expensive sick better


in on under near behind next to over in front to from to for


I me my we us our you your he him his she her it its they them their


Play swim skate fly jump walk run climb fight swing eat like have turn buy take live teach go study learn sing dance row do homework watch TV read books cook the meals water the flowers sweep the floor clean the bedroom make the bed set the table wash the clothes do the dishes use a computer do morning exercises eat breakfast eat dinner go to school have English class play sports get up climb mountains go shopping play the piano visit grandparents go hiking fly kites make a snowman plant trees draw pictures cook dinner read a book answer the phone listen to music clean the room write a letter write an e-mail drink water take pictures watch insects pick up leaves do an experiment catch butterflies count insects collect insect collect leaves write a report play chess have a picnic get to ride a bike play the violin make kites collect stamps meet welcome thank work look help pass show use clean open close stop wait drive send feel become think wear put on go home go to bed play computer games do housework empty the trash put away the clothes get off(on) take a trip go on a trip read a magazine go to the cinema


what(什么) what colour(什么颜色) what time(几点)

what day(星期几) how(怎样)how old(年龄多大,几岁)

how many(多少) how much (多少钱) how tall (多高)

how heavy(多重) how long(多长) how big(多大) how large(面积多大) who(谁) when(什么时候)

whose (谁的) where(在哪里) why(为什么)



am is are was were

(7)助动词情态动词:do does did can should would will

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